About This Blog

My professional self

I’m a software developer by trait…

  • with an abundance of experience in building frontends in HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as a great number of libraries and frameworks that build on top of this foundation.
  • having experience building backends with C# for most of my professional web projects.

Currently obsessed with…

  • using Elm instead of JavaScript wherever it makes sense.

Formerly obsessed with…

  • the BEM methodology of writing CSS with a little help of LESS.


If you’re human, you can surely make sense of the following gibberish where you need to reverse the letters of every word anenac (ατ) liamy • moc.


The views expressed in this blog are my own thoughts and don’t necessarily match that of my professional acquaintances like my employer or co-workers, it is a fully private endeavor. I’m not responsible for linked content that lives outside of canena.de and it’s subdomains, the respective owner’s opinions are not my own and I distance myself from them and any affiliation that is not explicitly stated on my part.

Data Usage Disclosure

This is a static site, I don’t collect any data myself although these pages are hosted somewhere and they might be keeping track of you. Enabling JavaScript is not required but might enhance the site experience by…

  • providing code syntax highlighting powered by highlight.js
  • occasionally providing asynchronous code loading for demonstration purposes with require.js, loaded from a CDN
  • formula rendering is done using MathJax which is also loaded from a CDN
  • nothing else as of now :-)