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Hello, There! This is my personal website covering various topics from music to design, programming and more. As this is both the home and part of my portfolio feel free to peruse around, there is ample documentation embedded for the curious.

Notable Projects

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About the author

I love listening to and making music myself, enjoy reading, get excited when watching a decent movie, flourish in creating artwork, marvel in coding and grocking other people's code and delight in learning anything new in general.

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I'm a software developer by trade...

  • with an abundance of experience in building frontends in HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as a great number of libraries and frameworks that build on top of this foundation.
  • having experience building backends with C# for most of my professional web projects.

Currently obsessed with...

  • progressive enhancement using web standards like Custom Elements and HTML templates in tandem with good-enough software engineering practices - this whole site is a showcase, you are invited to peruse around, there is documentation everywhere.
  • using composable layouts inspired by and utility classes instead of chunky CSS abstractions.

Not that much obsessed with anymore with...

  • using Elm instead of JavaScript wherever it makes sense.
  • the BEM methodology of writing CSS with a little help of LESS.


If you're human, you can surely make sense of the following gibberish where you need to reverse the letters of every word anenac (ατ) liamy • moc.


The views expressed in this site are my own thoughts and don't necessarily match that of my professional acquaintances like my employer or co-workers, it is a fully private endeavor. I'm not responsible for linked content that lives outside of and its subdomains, the respective owners' opinions are not my own and I distance myself from them and any affiliation that is not explicitly stated on my part.

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